Turmeric for horses

Turmeric for horses: The benefits of turmeric for horses are numerous

Turmeric for horses can experience a reduction in inflammation particularly with respect to arthritis and itchy skin. Benefits for horses are numerous

Turmeric is well known for it’s many health benefits, and as you’d expect, it is now taking the horse world by storm. Many people who own horses are now giving turmeric supplements, powder or paste, to their furry friends in order to help promote better performance and health. Turmeric contains an active ingredient by the name Curcumin which is has been scientifically proven to promote better health.
Benefits of turmeric for horses are numerous, turmeric aids horses who are prone to summer itching, strong soothing, adigestion, antioxidant properties, skin and joints.

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Anti Cancer
The active ingredient curcumin present in tumeric has the ability to keep horses healthy, based on various studies which show that it has anti cancer and anti fungal activities. Turmeric destroys the carcinogens that are responsible for the cancer cells. It mainly inhibits spread of cancerous cells to the rest of the body, and also reduces chemotherapy side effects.

Anti Inflammatory
Turmeric is well known for it’s anti inflammatory capabilities. Turmeric works by reducing inflammatory pathways in the horse, however, unlike bute and many other non steroidal anti inflammatories which are usually given to horses, turmeric doesn’t cause any damage to the stomach’s lining. In addition, turmeric has more than 2 dozens of anti inflammatory compounds which help in blocking enzymes which cause inflammation that’s associated with arthritis; arthritis is common condition horses suffer from due to aging. Studies shows that turmeric is also quite effective in horses when it comes to treating wounds and cuts. The turmeric golden paste has been proven to cure cuts and wounds in horses quickly.

Anti Oxidant
Turmeric is not only a potent anti oxidant, but it also helps in boosting the body’s anti oxidant mechanisms, which makes it twice as helpful. Normally, horses are susceptible to lots of oxidative stress. If you own a performance horse or an older horse that’s suffering from any kind of chronic condition, he/she will very well benefit from the anti oxidant properties of tumeric. By reducing oxidation effects in the body cells, turmeric lowers histamine levels and enhances production of cortisone in adrenal glands. This is another major health benefit of turmeric for horses.

Prevents and Treats Greasy Heels
Greasy heel is another condition that horses tend to suffer from. The problem is usually caused by a bug known as Demratophilus congo lenis. Greasy heel is an inflammatory condition that occurs in the horse’s skin under the lower limbs. At times this condition can lead to infections and small discharges can be seen as the infection progresses (the discharge looks like a greasy substance, thus the name). To treat or prevent this condition, turmeric can be fed to the horse.

Strengthens Hooves
To improve the health and the strength of hooves, turmeric can be fed to the horse. It will not only reduce the risk of infection, but it will also increase the overall rate of hoof regeneration.

Treats Queensland Itch
Queensland itch is a condition that’s related to the skin, and usually affects horses. A horse with this condition will feel an itch and after a couple of days, the hair growth in the affected region may start falling off and/or will get discolored. By feeding turmeric to a horse, you will not only be able to treat the condition, but you will also enhance hair growth in the affected area.

Treats Sarcoids
Sarcoids is a condition that comprises of small tumors that are found in a horse’s head, skin, necks and other areas. Sarcoids usually affects horses which are 2 to 3 years old. Generally, it’s not a life threatening condition, however, it can turn out to be a danger if not treated well. There are various different methods used to treat the condition, a method is feeding a turmeric mixture to the horse.

Treats Liver Disorders
Turmeric for horses is also used to detoxify the liver. Liver disorder is one of the major concerns of horse owners as it can highly affect a horse’s performance. Liver disorder can lead to inability to detoxify the blood and the waste products from the body. Many of the liver problems seen in horses are usually due to fungal, viral and bacterial infections. Turmeric is highly recommended when it comes to treating liver diseases. It helps in liver detoxification which in turn results in better liver health, and ultimately a healthier horse.

Safe Use
Please take veterinary advice on feeding to pregnant mares. Commercial turmeric capsules/pills (that have high levels of curcumin- 95%) are not recommended for use with animals. If you’re giving any other medication or drug to your horse, it’s best you check with your veterinarian, high dose of curcumin can cause oxidative stress and damaged the DNA.