Turmeric for depression

Turmeric for depression Review

Study find Turmeric extract superior to Prozac for depression
Turmeric for depression, the health benefits are immense and may be the key to your health. The Answer may lie in the magical ingredient curcurmin.

Illness is unfortunately an inescapable part of life. Diseases come in many forms, and mental illness of one kind or another can be especially debilitating. One of the most widespread forms of mental illness is known by many as depression. More people than ever before in history are suffering from the effects of depression. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), at least one in ten Americans suffer from depression (figure encompasses all types) at one point or another. And the incidence of depression is higher in some states than others. Worldwide, at least 110 million people are estimated to be struggling with this condition. Depression is truly a modern medical epidemic.
In response to this alarming situation, modern Western medical science has flooded the market with a huge variety of synthetic drugs known as anti-depressants. These medications have, at best, had mixed success in dealing with the symptoms of depression. To complicate matters even more, many of these drugs cause side effects that are in some cases more hazardous to health than depression itself.
The good news is that many medical professionals in the West are now discovering the amazing power of holistic Eastern medical practices. In many cases, Eastern medicine uses all-natural foods, herbs, and spices to help the body attain and maintain peak health. One such super food is the venerated spice known as Turmeric. This amazing food has shown great promise in the successful treatment of depression, and it does it without causing horrific side effects.

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Groundbreaking Study
In addition to this, turmeric has been tested head to head against popular anti-depressants such as Prozac. The results? Not only did researchers find that Turmeric is just as effective as Prozac, they discovered that it has no known harmful side effects. The new study performed at the Department of Pharmacology (Government Medical College, Bhavnagar) in India and published in the Journal Phytotherapy Research. Confirmed for the first time in a randomized, controlled clinical trial. That the primary polyphenol (also known as curcumin) in Turmeric is both safe and effective in treating serious states of depressions. The objective of the trial was to compare the efficacy and safety of curcumin with fluoxetine (Prozac) in 60 patients diagnosed with MDD (major depressive disorder). Subjects were randomized to receive either 6 weeks treatmement with fluoxetine (20 mg) and curcumin (1000 mg) individually or their combination, Powerful stuff !
What is Turmeric?
Turmeric is an ancient spice derived from the roots of the Curcuma longa plant. This plant is grown in tropical areas across the Asian continent. After the roots are harvested, they are boiled, dried, and ground into the delicious spice known as Turmeric. This powder is then used as a flavoring in curries and mustards, as well as being used as a dye and a medicine.
Turmeric contains many beneficial substances, such as vitamins, potassium, calcium, and flavenoids. But one of the most powerful and useful ingredients contained in Turmeric is called Curcurmin. It is this Curcurmin that is believed to imbue Turmeric with many of its remarkable medicinal qualities.
What is depression?
Depression, also known as clinical or major depression, is a serious mental illness that is characterized by its chronic and negative effects on how a person feels, acts, and thinks. Some of the more common symptoms are deep and inappropriate feelings of sadness, loss of interest in life, lack of energy, and even suicidal thoughts. Depression has been linked to an imbalance in brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters. The main culprits in this case are dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.
Turmeric for depression
So, how can Turmeric help to fight depression? The answer lies in the magical ingredient, Curcurmin. Research has shown that this amazing substance helps to balance levels of the feel good brain chemicals dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, the very same ones that can cause depression if they are out of balance. Turmeric has also been shown to reduce levels of cortisol, a harmful substance that is known to appear when stress levels are high.
In addition to this, Turmeric has been tested head to head against popular anti-depressants. Not only did researchers find that Turmeric is just as effective, they discovered that it has no known harmful side effects. Turmeric can and does mitigate the sad effects of clinical depression. Anyone suffering from this malady would do well to include this delicious spice in their diet. If they do, they will surely never regret the decision.