Turmeric for asthma

Turmeric for asthma review: Turmeric benefits, find out how

Using Turmeric in this way as a cure for asthma resents a paradigm shift in the treatment of the disease without any lingering side effects
The problems with Asthma: Anyone who has ever had to endure the effects of a serious asthma attack will attest to the scariness of the situation. These serious incidents are characterized by a severe shortness of breath, congestion, coughing, and fatigue. These symptoms always seem to pop up at the most inopportune of moments, such as while on a remote hike or a swim across a lake. At moments like those, an asthma attack can even be fatal
This is what drives the 20 or so million asthmatics around the world to try to avoid the next attack. They often do so by employing one of the large number of synthetic, mass produced pharmaceuticals available on the market. These include inhalers, mists, syrups, and pills. All of these products promise relief from the pain, but in most cases any relief gained is temporary at best. In addition to this, many of the products cause unfortunate side effects, some of which may even exacerbate the disease.
Clearly, something better is necessary. And luckily, it is available. It is known as Turmeric, and it deserves its reputation for being one of man’s best friends in terms of health.

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A quick look at asthma
Before the discussion about Turmeric begins, it will be useful to quickly review asthma. For those who may not know, asthma is a condition that affects the upper respiratory tract, the lungs, and even the heart indirectly. It is caused by inflammation of the tissues of the mucous membranes that line the throat.
When these tissues become inflamed, the underlying muscles as well as the surface tissues spasm and swell up. This in turn causes the constricted airways that cause so much pain for affected individuals.

Turmeric benefits for asthma
This is where the superstar known as Turmeric really comes into its own. It is known as a larger member of the ginger family, and has a strong gold coloring as well as a tangy taste. These attributes are supplied by the ingredient known as curcumin, which is found in abundance in Turmeric. Curcumin is well known among researchers for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. These characteristics make it uniquely tailored to ease the painful inflammation that is caused by this ailment.
How does curcumin do this? According to research performed at the Yuying Children’s Hospital in China, there is a special variety of receptor found in the mucous membranes. Certain allergens have the ability to activate these receptors, thereby initiating an asthma attack. Apparently, curcumin acts to block the activation of the receptors, thus blocking the attack before it happens.
Turmeric for asthma studies are encouraging. In a other reserach was discovered that the Turmeric essential oil removed sputum and relieved coughing and might prevented asthma. Subsequently researchers have reported the same. Asthma is the product of inflammation so when inflammation is tamed so will asthma.
Using Turmeric in this way as a cure for asthma resents a paradigm shift in the treatment of the disease. Rather than using synthetic drugs to treat side effects, using curcumin offers the alternative of treating the underlying causes of the ailment, effectively getting rid of it. And, without any lingering side effects. Truly, Turmeric benefits for asthma are huge in number, and the wise will avail themselves of these benefits. Consult a physician before taking turmeric for asthma to prevent complications.