Turmeric facial

Turmeric facial treatment, the fountain of youth.

To make a basic turmeric facial mask, mix yogurt or milk with a few tablespoons of turmeric in a small bowl and mix this until it’s a smooth paste.
Having beautiful and healthy skin is a top priority for many people. This is a worthy cause, but a difficult one. Time and circumstance can often make skin that was once healthy and glowing less so. But that does not have to happen. Many people have discovered the amazing benefits that can be enjoyed by applying some simple techniques that are unique to eastern medical practice. Most of these cures focus on living simply and fully, and being sure to eat foods that make the body stronger and healthier.
One such culinary and health star is known as Turmeric. This is a venerable spice, having been in use for at least 6,000 recorded years. It has a deep yellow color, and a flavor that is world famous. These properties come as a result of its curcumin content. This substance is truly unique in its ability to cure a variety of ailments. But it can also rejuvenate. Turmeric facial treatment, and expound on some of curcumin’s great benefits.

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Get rid of free radicals
Free radicals are molecular shards left over from metabolic processes. They are dangerous because the have unstable electrical charges, and can destabilize other molecules. This action can, over time, accelerate the aging process many times over. This is why it is important to include antioxidants such as vitamins to our diet. Curcumin is an especially strong antioxidant. Just a little bit used as a spice on a regular basis can and will go a long way towards battling the causes of internal aging.

Clears up acne
It just so turns out that Turmeric has some anti-bacterial properties. This antiseptic quality goes a long way in stopping breakouts of acne, some of which can be based on certain types of bacteria.
Acne is also linked to over activity on the part of the subcutaneous sebaceous glands. When these glands overproduce skin oils, the excess can congeal and plug hair follicles. This is another major culprit that can be easily handled by curcumin. It is known to reduce the amount of oil secreted by these glands, and hence act as a preventative agent.

Treat wrinkels
If Turmeric is used with a few other easily found ingredients, it can have a powerful anti wrinkling effect on the skin. A simple and quick recipe involves Turmeric powder, rice powder, raw milk, and tomato juice. The ingredients are mixed together to form a paste, which is then applied to the face. It is allowed to treat the skin for 20 minutes, after which it is gently removed using lukewarm water. This method has been key in reducing wrinkles and removing dark spots.

Excellent Exfoliant
Exfoliating the skin regularly is a great way to get rid of the old skin and letting the younger skin underneath shine through. As it so happens, Turmeric happens to be a great exfoliation agent. Simply mix a measure of Turmeric with milk or yogurt. Make a paste out of it, and apply it evenly to the skin. Allow it to dry, wash it off, and watch the years fall away. There is absolutely no doubt that Turmeric is a great agent of beauty. Those who choose to use Turmeric for facial treatment will be welcoming the fountain of youth back into their lives.

Turmeric facial treatment, the fountain of youth
To make a basic turmeric facial mask, mix yogurt or milk with a few tablespoons of turmeric in a small bowl and mix this until it’s a smooth paste and apply on freshly washed skin. Leave the mask for 20 minutes on the skin before washing off. Even though Turmeric has so obvious health benefits, there are a handful people who can experience skin allergies. And unfortunately is hard to remove turmeric stains from clothes, beware.