Turmeric cancer

Turmeric cancer prevention qualities

Review common questions about Turmeric cancer prevention. And find out why this herb is so important, it may be the key to your health
This dietary approach to health is right on the money. Many of the herbs and spices we take for granted have powers of healing that rival the best pharmaceuticals on the market. Not only that, but they are much cheaper, taste great, and are non toxic.
One of the best known of these super foods is known as Turmeric. It has shown its ability to mitigate many illnesses, and apparently this amazing property extends even to cancer. This article will explore some of the ways in which Turmeric does this, and discuss other benefits of Turmeric by cancer. Turmeric is the root of a plant that grows in the tropical climates of middle Asia. It is prized for its taste, smell, and color, all of which are provided by the substance known as curcumin and volatile oil. Curcumin is well known as a potent and non toxic medicine that can cure many ailments. Not only is it an anti-inflammatory, it also has powerful anti-oxidant effects on the body. The volatile oil gives turmeric the most anti-inflammatory properties.

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Turmeric cancer research
Promising turmeric cancer research has shown that the antioxidant curcumin inhibits a number of different types of cancerous cells. In many cases, cancer tends to develop in separate stages. At the early stage, it can usually be detected by skilled physicians, after which it is immediately treated. A number of laboratory studies on cancer cells have shown that turmeric does have anticancer effects. Turmeric has shown special promise of treating early stage cancer. One relevant clinical trial involved some 25 patients, all of whom had various pre-cancerous conditions. All were given doses of curcumin. In all of the cases, the study seemed to show that curcumin could stop the pre-cancerous changes becoming cancer.
This demonstrates that Turmeric has a role as a cancer prevention tool. Prevention is always the best way to treat any illness, and as more people discover its amazing properties, its role is sure to become even more important. But this is only the beginning of the story. In many cases, the cancer unfortunately gets past the early stage and may begin to grow. In situations like these, an effective countermeasure is what is required, and Turmeric has shown great promise in this area as well.
It has demonstrated some effectiveness against breast cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, and bowel cancer. Not only does it kill cancerous cells, it also slows the development of any that may survive. As more promising research is done concerning the link between oxidation and cancer, the powerful anti-oxidant of curcumin can’t be ruled out as a factor in cancer remission. The turmeric cancer connection has been getting immense amounts of press in recent years following the release of several studies that tout turmeric cancer fighting properties.
With this kind of evidence, there is good reason for everyone to make sure to include a disease fighting super food such as Turmeric in every meal. It is not expensive, and it has a way of adding character to a meal. It is all natural, non-toxic, will cause no adverse side effects, and is a great way to guard against the ever present threat of cancer. Always discuss any supplement or medication with your physician or health care professional. New study results are interesting, it’s worth a closer look.