Turmeric Alzheimers

Turmeric Alzheimers studies are promising

Review common questions how Turmeric Alzheimers benefits. And find out why this herb is so important, it may be the key to your health.
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a form of dementia that affects millions of people every year in the U.S. alone. Scientists have yet to find a synthetic medication that can mitigate its insidious effects. Indeed, most of the main stream treatment regimens only attack the symptoms, not the disease itself. This has given this disease the reputation of being incurable. But, an incurable disease is just an illness for which an effective treatment has not yet been found. In the case of Alzheimer’s just such a treatment may soon be on the horizon. This new method of therapy is based on powerful herbs and spices which have the ability to heal our bodies as well as delighting our taste buds. One of these amazing foods is known as Turmeric, and this article will discuss some of the ways that Turmeric benefits Alzheimer’s.

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Turmeric Benefits – Superspice
Turmeric is a spice of the ginger family. It is commonly grown is middle Asia, and is enjoyed in culinary creations the world over. Curcumin is the special ingredient that gives Turmeric its color and taste, and it has recently drawn much attention for its many other amazing abilities.

Curcumin power
There is very little incidence of Alzheimer’s in cultures that use Turmeric as a way to spice their foods. Researchers noticed this, and naturally wondered what about curcumin works such magic. Study after study has confirmed that Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, as well as being a formidable anti-oxidant. What’s more, curcumin can have an effect on many hormones, enzymes, and the like.

Turmeric benefits Alzheimer’s
So, what are some of the specific ways that Turmeric mitigates many of the harmful effects of Alzheimer’s disease mitigates Plaques. Alzheimer’s is characterized a two major kinds of physical damage to the brain. One of these is known as beta-amyloid plaque. Beta-amyloid is a kind of protein that is a building block of another protein that is found in fat membranes surrounding neurons. When these pieces of protein abnormally clump together, they form the plaques that can be observed in the brains of individuals with serious cases of the illness. Among other things, this plaque is believed to prevent the efficient transmission of messages from one nerve to another.

Help to relax Nerve Tangles
A second form of neural damage commonly seen in Alzheimer’s sufferers are known as Neurofibrillary tangles. These are bands of twisted protein neural filaments. This tangling of nerves can cause nerve death if the situation is not dealt with. Luckily, Turmeric seems to fit the bill in this case as well. It interacts with the glial support cells, and works in as yet unknown ways to prevent Astocytosis and other forms of nerve cell overgrowth.

Turmeric Alzheimers studies are promising
A Japanese research team studied the effects of curcumin on these beta-amyloid plaques, with astonishing results. In every case, curcumin was found to inhibit the formation of the plaques. What is more, it was also found to break up and disperse plaques that had previously formed. Another turmeric Alzheimers studies from the International Quarterly Journal of Research in Ayurveda. Shows facts and findings indicated that behavioral issues had improved significantly after being treated with less than a gram of turmeric daily for a period of three months. The study concluded turmeric, when combined with routine therapy, increased quality of life and improved performance of activities of daily living in patients. Several years ago, James A. Duke, Ph.D (ethnobotanist) published a comprehensive summary of over 700 turmeric studies that support the Ayurveda research
Yes, Turmeric can indeed treat and even reverse symptoms of Alzheimer’s, and some research even suggests that it can cure the disease entirely. People who may be suffering from this ailment would do well to give it a try.

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